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Corner Penthouse...

Now with more Ninja Robots!

3/4/08 12:19 am - You Know It's True/Long Indeed


Greetings once more, faithful readers. I trust that our time apart has not dampened your sense of humour.

Again, we bring you two strips, fresh off of the new issue of Campus Life. Feel free to grab it now. This issue is special, since it has become national. That is to say, there are people reading these strips, all over Canada, at this very moment.

Well, maybe not right now.

In any case, the first is a very accurate portrayal of what each one of us goes through, every single summer (assuming you're not stinking rich, in which case, ignore this message and please mail me three thousand dollars). It comes from inspirations in my life, though, needless to say, my father was not quite so pleasant about it. A summer working two very unpleasant jobs and receiving many speeches about how it is time to "put up or shut up" springs freshly to mind.

The second was to be the first in a long series of misadventures that chronicled my foray into Government Business, that is to say, working for the man. For what I did, the man paid me well.

Indeed it was a fun job, despite being in the middle of bloody nowhere. Was it not for the fact that I got the job all on my own, I would have never received as many kind hearted rides from my folks as I did. I was, more or less, a body of historical knowledge. I was paid to wear a funny outfit, and walk around all day, talking to tourists. Unfortunately, it was for the ever poor Parks Canada, who was unable to hire me again. 

Considering the outfit, perhaps it was for the best.

Chewy out.

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